Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Where has the love gone?

So the picture says it all. Today in my travels i re-stumble across this random picture. But for the first time  i noticed what it said. Seriously. It is so true. When was the last time you told a friend you loved them. Just for no reason but to completely re-affirm what they already suspect. Sure, you imply it. Your friends? Obviously you love them, But the three little words mean something a lot more than implying it with the occasional text message and drunken phone call. Seriously I know i have no bearing on your life. But god damn it feels good. 

One Thing i notice about life is people are too caught up, waiting for the weekend, too unhappy with their jobs to stop for 5 seconds and just enjoy the sunset, or to admire their friends. Why focus on shit that makes you sad. Spend your time doing the meaningless things that make you happy, cause fuck knows at the end of the day id rather say i spent 3 hours playing Call of Duty, or leveling my Night-Elf Hunter than sitting around squabbling with stupid shit that gets thrown around Facebook. 

So yeah, Pick up your phone. Tell the person that what you are about to say means alot to you, they need to know it. Make sure they don't say it back cause then it feels like you are just doing it so they say it back, But yeah. Ring a friend, or family member and let them feel the love. The world needs more of it. :)


  1. yeah... i know eh?
    like what we always say, never miss them till you dont have them.

  2. Where HAS love gone?

    Called a friend of mine after this, gonna meet up for coffee tomorrow, been too long

    Thanks for the inspiration bro - The world needs more love for sure